Next Release and Lawyer Design

Just a quick note to let you guys know the full version of Jen's Monster Cafe should be ready to download on December 20th or 21st 2017. (Whether or not it's quite as full as I'd like it to be is another matter.) But in order to make that deadline and remain employed I won't be checking its page every five seconds (not that I do that...), and I may not come back here at all until I have update in hand. So if you leave a comment and don't get a reply, I'm probably not ignoring you.

Just to make this a bit more devlog-ish, here are my notes on the lawyer's design that I've been sitting on without posting:

Character Designs "Lawyer"

(The lawyer character does have a name, but since I'd like to reserve the right to change it before I release the game proper, we'll just call him Lawyer for now.)

When I was outlining the story I had this character written as a Goblin Lawyer assuming I'd have time to mess around with the art for the orc or RPGMaker MV character generator enough to produce a professional-looking business goblin. I did mess around with it a little, but I wasn't happy with the results. The biggest problem was that I had enough time to edit the face picture of the orc so that he's wearing a suit, but I would be sacrificing the facial expressions you can get from the generator by doing so. I worked on adding to the generator a bit to get around this, but it seemed like a low ROI when I had my hands full enough with the rest of the game.  Checking the standard set of monsters again for alternatives, I realized the imp would be perfect for this job. Horns, wings, and tails are available in the generator and you can get a character who looks reasonably impish by combining them and leaving off the hair. The blue and gold on Lawyer's suit look respectable to me and are callbacks to the standard imp art color scheme.

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