What's New & A Delay

I can finally update now! (Yay!) But that said, I won't be updating until 2018. (Boo.) That's a pretty broad deadline, but I'm gun-shy having missed this one. Anywho, I don't want to release another rushed version that still wouldn't have endings implemented and which hasn't been through any real bug testing. (I'd rather the metaphorical creme caramel not make people sick again.)

But I feel better talking about changes and posting screenshots of the next update now that the IGMC 2017 is fully over, so here's a list of some of the bigger changes coming with the full version:

Books, Reading, and Tools:

The inventory currently has tabs for weapons and armor. These will be replaced by books and tools. Any book you can add to your inventory will be usable inside battle and readable outside of it via the new read skill. Tools will open up shop skills (support skills like the ability to return to the shop instantly) as long as they're equipped.


These will be usable directly from the recipes inventory tab when you're in a kitchen. There are also more than two. (Twenty-five if I don't add any more.)

Party Members:

There will be some, three to be exact.

Side Street, the Foraging Forest, and Monster Skills:

I'll finally be releasing you from the shop (if the creme caramel didn't get you first) back onto Side Street and into the Foraging Forest. So, you'll be able to visit shops that were previously off-limits and fight something other than salt silk spiders. Jen will also be able to learn a new monster skill from all of the monsters she encounters. This is implemented in the demo, but the probability of learning a skill isn't that high even if you did make it to the salt silk spiders, so you may not have noticed.

Cafe System:

Again, there will be one. Basically, you set the menu items for fresh food and stock shelf stable take out items before you open, serve customers their order (provided there's something they want on the menu you set), and afterwards the customer may or may not buy one of your stocked take out items.

More Story:

Which I can't say anything about because of spoilers...this was kind of a useless subheading to put, but I'm putting it. Strictly speaking, the cafe system was probably what took the longest to get right, but it's the story elements that have really pushed back this deadline. I want to be happy with this part which is probably to be expected of someone who replaces weapons with books in an rpg-vn hybrid.

Once the new version is up, I'll either be taking down the current version or archiving it as the IGMC 2017 demo version and disabling further downloads. So, if you like collecting alternate versions and making comparisons, be sure to hold onto the current version.

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Ah everything sounds so awesome!
I'm already looking forward to play the new version! :)

Thank you! It's really nice of you to leave such encouraging comments for people, especially those of us who are just starting to mess around with game design.