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Downloadable again. I've made a version of the demo as close to the IGMC 2017 entry as possible, but with a few significant bug fixes. (Please let me know if you find any massive/embarrassing bugs I missed. I don't care about maintaining accuracy with the 2017 version that  much.)

Original Description:

Work your way up from homeless, unemployed maid cafe drop out to a respectable proprietor of a monster grocery store & cafe.

In this demo version for the IGMC 2017 contest, you can play through the intro of Jen's Monster Cafe and stick around for freeplay and surprise events.

(Not all events and features are available in this version, but check back for updates after the IGMC 2017 contest concludes for new and modified events, cooking system implementation, game endings, and more, )

Created for IGMC 2017


Jens Monster Cafe Demo.zip 132 MB

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